4 Most Scary Tales from the Cemeteries

There are certain stories from cemeteries that make a mention of strange objects. The cemeteries also have tales about creepy sightings and certain objects left on graves. These tales are certainly frightening, but they don’t always lead to instances of possessed children and supernatural beings. However, we all like to hear or read about these spooky stories. Here, we have some of the scariest tales from the cemeteries for you:

1. Stepp Cemetery

This is a small, abandoned cemetery located in Indiana’s Morgan-Monroe State Forest. You’ll find only a few graves here, but some of them are 200 years old. Stepp Cemetery is a local family cemetery officially. According to the local legends, a cult known as the Crabbites was behind its founding. Their rituals involved sex orgies and snake handling.

They say that you can hear the chanting of their gatherings even today. You can hear these sounds only if you visit the cemetery at night. This happens to be more of an urban legend as one never comes across references to the Crabbites elsewhere. According to another story, a devoted mother stayed at her baby’s grave every day. This went on even after her death.

2. Chestnut Hill Cemetery

Located on Rhode Island, this cemetery is famous for the haunting of Mercy Lena Brown. In the late 19th century, Mercy died due to tuberculosis at the age of 19. She was interred with her family members who had also died from tuberculosis. Before her death, she used to visit their graves often.

Mercy’s father had revealed that her ghost haunted him every night. She visited him complaining of hunger. Later, her brother Edwin also fell sick due to tuberculosis. The family and people from the town considered the dead as the cause of his illness. Mercy’s father, George Brown, had all the graves of the family members dug up.

Among all the bodies, only Mercy’s body didn’t undergo decomposition. Because of this sight, George believed that Mercy was a vampire. Her heart was cut out, burnt, and the ashes were mixed with water by the villagers. They gave the preparation to Edwin as a medicine, but he died after a couple of months.

3. Silver Cliff Cemetery

According to some witnesses, the lights in this cemetery come alive in other colors often. These lights dance across the gravestones. Some dismiss it as reflections of lights coming from the town. However, such sightings were recorded even before the advent of electricity.

The name Silver Cliff Cemetery comes from the mining town of Silver Cliff located nearby. Despite an abundance of ore, mismanagement of the company destroyed the silver mine in this area.

4. Highgate Cemetery

Located in London, Highgate Cemetery looks quite scary with lots of overgrowth. A series of horror movies were filmed in this location in the mid-20th century. Tales of sightings of the first ghosts began to appear in the 1970s. This was a period when there existed a widespread interest in occult. Later, there were rumors of of people seeing vampires in the cemetery.

They mostly came from the stunts of vandalism and grave-robbing. Magicians David Farrant and Sean Manchester vowed to free this cemetery from the vampire. There were a series of escapades that occurred here between 1970 and 1973. Corpses were found unearthed and damaged, leading to crowds of people gathering at night. In 1974, Farrant was put in jail for vandalizing the graves.

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