4 Reasons Why Many People Opt for Cremation

The process of reducing the remains of the humans to bone fragments is called cremation. The fragments that are produced as the result of this process are then pulverized into ashes. There are variety of reasons why people opt for cremation as a final disposition.

In recent times, almost 50 percent of all deaths in the United States result in cremation. To the surprise of many, the numbers are growing every year. Here, we’ll go through some of the major reasons why many people opt for cremation:

1. Affordability

People have been spending thousands of dollars over the years on caskets over the years. Besides, the funeral services end up costing thousands, which is not affordable for many. Considering this, a direct cremation without any other services is always an affordable option.

Cremation is far less costly than the traditional burial. You’ll still have the option of having a wake, religious tradition or hours of visitation. The cost will greatly depend on various factors if you choose to conduct a wake or ceremony at a funeral home.

2. Flexibility

Upon choosing cremation, you’ll have plenty of time to plan out things. This is when you’re conducting an event that everyone would be able to attend. This is something which is not urgent. Things are different in case of traditional funeral services. It is common to have everything done within ten days of someone’s passing. The body needs embalming in order to slow down the process of decomposition.

Family members will need some time to arrange the funeral services. Those staying far from the town need to arrive as soon as possible to attend the burial and service. Some of them might be living in distant countries. So, it’ll not be easy for them to arrive quickly.

3. Convenience

It’s certainly not easy to plan a funeral. Things can take a toll on the members of the family. A funeral service can become overwhelming and emotionally draining for them. It, therefore, makes sense for a family to avoid the hassles of a traditional burial. Opting for cremation doesn’t mean that you love your family any lesser.

Many would agree that the most challenging part is arranging the activities after a loved one’s death. Cremation eliminates the need for these things and takes away all the worries from the family members. The process of cremation is also faster than the traditional burial.

4. Personal preference

Some people have to face their inner fears while thinking about a burial. These fears can be due to many reasons. Some are personal while there can also be emotional reasons for not choosing burial. You might be someone who dislikes the slow decay. There are others who just don’t like traditional burials. A family member may also choose cremation because of the last wish of the deceased.

The person who died might have expressed the desire to be cremated after death. He or she must have told about his or her dislike of the body getting buried. Another thing worth noting is that a sudden earthquake or flood can cause caskets to come out of the ground.

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